sexta-feira, fevereiro 25, 2005

Le jour d'avant

"Just tell me why you're pissed with me"

"Why should I tell you to get lost?"

"It wasn´t and isn´t my intention to be rude"

"I´m sorry"

"No, because I care about you"

[Hoje é só citações de outras pessoas neste blog... As minhas desculpas aos leitores que anseavam por material cem por cento original, mas isto de escrever notícias e blog's estoira qualquer um...]

Este foi o resultado do boicote à greve de ontem.
Chorei ao lê-las - 2005 é o ano das lágrimas -, fiquei em transe, num estado algures entre o choque, a comoção e a dúvida.

One day you told me - "Lost in work, not in translation".
I'm seeing the movie this weekend.
I think we lost ourselves in translation.

Even so, my heart is full again. Full of nothing: only this lines you wrote me yesterday. Not much, but I'm not demanding too.
This morning, Tiersen's "Monochrome" was playing in my car audio, and I made another Jeunet ultimatum: If I have 2 envelopes in my keyboard, at work, this story will have an happy ending.
And guess what?
There they were.

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